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I am Christel Eastridge, an entrepreneur who was born and raised in and raised in Cotonou, Republic Of Benin. I started my online entrepreneurship journey since 2014. I am not a guru, but just a girl who have learned from trials and errors. When it comes to building and or managing a successful business, it takes constant dedication and tweaks. To improve a business, one always has to look for ways to make necessary adjustments. In that effort, most entrepreneurs are always looking for the next big solution (tool, platform, training, service, etc.) However, not every product created is useful to all. So this blog ITSAREVIEW.COM was set up to make the search for your next tool a breeze. I will do my best to give as many details as possible whenever I write about a product, service or training. 

At IT'S A REVIEW, I provide all of the latest news regarding the IM world, including product and service reviews. I work under the assumption that “not everything that shines is gold,” putting in the time and effort necessary to help my audience make smarter buying decisions.

I recommend that at the beginning of every buying decision, you start with three questions. They are:

1. How will this product help improve my business?

2. What will I use this product for in my business?

3. Will I use this product right away or will it just collect dust on my shelve or sit on my hard drive?